Thursday, October 2, 2014

When You Fall...Get Right Back Up

Dear blogosphere,

I am sorry for my absence. Life has taken me on a wonderful ride, and I felt the need to live it! Still, I am glad to be returning to blogging. It is important to me to share my thoughts with the world and to somewhat artistically express myself lol. I missed blogging and I thought it appropriate to come back, esp during this time in my life.

I recently failed at something terribly important to me. I had prepared and prepped and endured months of agony... and still failed. I found out recently about my disastrous failure, and I sobbed and ate ice cream and sobbed some more. I thought my heart couldn't bear it. I sat in silence and stared into space. I really truly wallowed (for those of you who have watched Gilmore Girls, wallowing is necessary says Lorelai).

After my wallowing, though, I decided to open the windows to let the light in. I decided to listen to music and watch some funny TV (Gilmore Girls, duh).  I decided to eat something other than ice cream and donuts. I decided to put on a pretty dress and walk out into the world. I decided to GET UP and to BRUSH IT OFF. And I am so glad because it has done me a world of wonders.

As the Ancient Ones said, errare humanum est...which means "to err is human."  This past week, I was assaulted with my humanity.  It was not fun. It SUCKED. But I got up because I wanted to and because I had to. And also because many of those around me showed their support for me and their love for me, despite my failure. Thank you to all those who still believe in me and who have been a shining light during my time of sadness.

It has been a tough few days and it will continue to be a tough few months.  However, nothing beats sadness like positivity and the will to move forward and try again. Onwards and upwards!!!



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