Sunday, June 9, 2013

Weekend Adventures

Hello Fellow Bloggers,

I decided to share my weekend with you all. I love summer weekends full of sunshine, and this one was exceptional! I work A LOT, so I have not had an actual weekend for a couple of weeks now. I was so excited to sleep in and not be awakened by the sound of an extremely annoying alarm clock. So, folks, welcome to my weekend :)

Friday night stared off with a cheap, YUMMY lasagna. My parents and I settled on Italian fast-food. My mother got the same dish, and my dad got the broccoli and cheese stromboli. We all were quite delighted. I have always loved Sbarro lasagna ever since I was a kid! What are your Sbarro faves? The baked ziti with meatballs is my other fave there...I had such a hard time deciding which dish to get. Lol.

My boyfriend and I then decided to go to Wendy's with our friend! We got frosties and fries. I LOVE my splurge meals (I don't always eat this way). So when I have them, I go ALL OUT. I got the vanilla which I proceeded to dip my salty fries. Sweet, salty, and flavorful goodness. Our trio closed down the Wendy's, and after my splurge, it was time for sleep.

☼ In the morning, after my daily coffee guzzling ritual, my boyfriend decided to take me to the Hoomaluhia Botanical Gardens in Kaneohe, HI (we live in HI). The grass was so green and the sun was so bright; it was nature in one of its most perfect states ❀ ✿ We took a trail there that was obviously overgrown, but sadly, the path lead nowhere. I was hoping to find something mysterious and discover a treasure. My dreams remained dreams.

Still, the morning ended on a happy note. We shared a wonderful summer day in the sun. We just forgot our bread so that we could feed the ducks. Oh well, there's always next time! 

Let me know what you did on your weekend! :)
Cassie xx

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