Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Japanese Snacks!

(Please excuse my no-makeup face)

So, I was debating on what to write about in my first blog post.  I decided that I would talk about some new snacks I bought at Marukai, a Japanese grocery store in Hawaii.

I am in LOVE with Japanese food and snacks. One could say obsessed, but that's a strong word. I often frequent Marukai (or Nijiya, another Japanese grocery store located in Hawaii) for new snacks and ingredients for recipes.

The snacks I recently purchased were:

Yuki No Yado Rice Crackers (aka Senbei)
Calbee Vege-Taberu Assari Salad Aji (Veggie-Flavored Wheat Crackers)

The Baked Rice Crackers are a childhood favorite of mine. I used to eat them after swimming class or just while lying around (I was a fat child).  The veggie flavored wheat crackers were recommended by my boyfriend. I LOVE them. They taste just like veggie chips, and the WHOLE bag is only ~20g carbs. I have to warn any prospective buyers...Japanese snacks are usually airy and are not too dense. They leave you feeling satisfied (not stuffed), and I find that they are less caloric and fat-leaden than American snacks. Still, eat them in moderation (something I have a hard time with). I have attached below the nutritional info/ingredient list for the snacks.

I love my new snacks. To get them yourself, I have left links for the products. Happy snacking and let me know what you think about these two! Also, if you have any Japanese snack favorites, let me know in the comments below!

Baked Rice Crackers:
Veggie Crackers:



  1. looks so yummy!


    1. thanks! do you have any japanese snacks you recommend? or any interesting snacks? :)